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editors pick week 711

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Artist name: Amelia_A
Currently living in: Melbourne
Occupation: Student
Age: 21
Height: 156cm
Starsign: Capricorn
The biggest passion in my life: Math
I like to listen to: Anything I hear. I don't discriminate
I like to watch: Plants, trees, flowers, animals, weather, stars, the moon
I like to smell: Things that remind me of something I can't put my finger on and natural smells

New Releases

May 28, 2017 Amelia_A//"sacrifices"
"I enjoyed the shoot, I like how bodies look in nature, it suits them. It was fun for me and my partner, I could feel it connected us in a fiery and passionate way. I'm not really sure what else to say, being naked in nature is great and fun except for the FUCKING MOSQUITOES!! Plus all the other creepy crawlies which anyone who has done a nude photo shoot in a forest will understand. Serious sacrifice right there ;)."
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May 27, 2017 Rachel_G//"dryad_nymph"
"I chose to take the photos outside as I feel I am a Dryad Nymph, which means a tree nymph. In Greek mythology nymphs were protectors of rivers, forests, trees etc. Nymphs were also very sexual beings and were always female. While shooting I was continuously bitten by mosquitoes, which was sending my crazy! Half way through the shoot I was trying not to irritate the bites so that those pesky marks wouldn't show on the camera. I was also lucky enough to find 2 beautiful feathers on the ground! I was so excited I of course had to include them in the shoot. It was an especially hot day so being naked felt so freeing! Feeling that breeze between my butt cheeks was especially nice!"
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May 27, 2017 Adriana_Y//"ein_lachen"
"I think the shoot was really fun, more than I expected, as I never shot myself before. It was quite a challenge to find new poses and be creative but I had a lot of laughs too so it was an amazing experience!"
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May 26, 2017 Ayria//"Lavandula"
"Time shortage meant I had to cheekily run around the house while home alone. First I started by incorporating my surroundings but then began to focus on my body. There were lots of flowers in my house which was fun to play with and smelled great afterwards. I then attempted to distort and create a sense of movement in my body through still images. As the shoot went on, although already comfortable in my skin, the feeling grew stronger and I appreciated my body even more. Super fun and rewarding experience!"
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May 25, 2017 Dani_V//"in-bloom"
"For my photo shoot, I chose to stick to two main colors; blues and pinks. Sweet pastels that contrast each other softly. I've taken pictures of people, people have taken pictures of me, but never have I taken such a large amount of photos of myself and made them all look different, yet related. It definitely forced me to use my creativity and experiment. For example, I used multiple props, such as flowers, a mirror, and a glass filled with shards of a broken pink light bulb (don't worry, I didn't drink any of it!). At first, I thought that looking at myself for such an extended period of time would make me point out all the flaws in me. But the effect was the complete opposite; I've never appreciated my physique this much! I love every curve, scar, hair, and bump that my body has to offer."
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rising_strong May 24, 2017
"This will be my second project for ISM and can I say they just keep getting better. I felt so comfortable in this video because I am always naked at home. The routine is that I get back from work and strip off in the doorway. I do house chores nude all the time anyway so it was no different than my everyday life."
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May 24, 2017 Chloe_Anne//"faerie_goddess"
"I went with a fairy theme for my shoot as I wanted something that was innocently beautiful. It shows a woman's body in a less sexualised manner but it can still be appreciated. I used colours and crisp white to make the photos pop but without there being anything behind me distracting from the image. I will be honest though there were plenty of logistical issues using glitter all over my body, I think I will be finding glitter in my things for years to come."
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May 23, 2017 Tamara_V//"eye_think"
"It's been a wonderful experience. It's the first time I've shot myself, and I've really enjoyed to do it. I've been able to explore my most intimate and shy side and the most self confident and proud, making a beautiful trip being the director and the model, I've had a lot of fun!"
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May 22, 2017 Roxy_B//"tiki_tikini"
"What else was there to do on a rainy day but lounge around my house naked? My morning started by getting cozy amoungst the plethora of pillows, relaxing and playing a bit of ukulele. When I remembered that the camera was handy, I started to undress and shoot myself. My house has the most amazing tiki bar straight from the 70's. Ever since I saw the epic tile, I've wanted to climb on top of it and spread my legs."
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