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The ISM Art Prize

Folio: "ALL_IN_ALL"
"This shoot was important to me to show the world that fat girls can be sexy too and to open up eyes. My sexuality is one of the most important aspects of myself and for society to turn around and tell me that I cannot be a sexual being purely because I don't fit into the classic model of beauty is a great tragedy."
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Editors Pick week 681
editors pick week 681

Artist: LEIA_L
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Artist name: Emily_A
Birthplace: Perth, Western Australia
Currently living in: My new house in Melbourne
Occupation: Student
Age: 19
Height: 176cm
Starsign: Aries
The biggest passion in my life: Being a supportive and loving person to those around me - I have so much love
I like to listen to: All kinds of music, especially old school r&b, soul etc
I like to watch: I love watching live local gigs that my friends play in - I'm blessed to know so many creatives
I like to smell: Lover's sweat after sex, a freshly peeled mandarin

New Releases

Oct 25, 2016 Emily_A//"valencia"
"I'd picked up a mirror with Jesus in the middle of it from an Opshop the day before - I had no clue that I would later be using it to shoot myself in! Taking the photos in that mirror definitely made me laugh and loosened me up to take some other different photos."
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Oct 24, 2016 Angelina_D//"purple_stardust"
"This project was beyond my comfort zone. But I had fun doing it. I went a little crazy by painting my whole face, trying to mimic a galaxy pattern but turned out like an alien instead. Honestly, I love being photographed, in general. But this time was different. I had to be fully naked ! At first I was unsure and I wish I could be a supermodel where stretch marks don't exist on my butt. But hey, seeing myself naked in the mirror and in the camera made me realise that imperfections make you perfect!"
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Oct 24, 2016 Beck_T//"bloodborne"
"I really wanted to shoot myself with the period topic. So you need to plan everything really accurately, I needed the camera on a specific date, but in the end everything worked out pretty fine. I'm usually wearing a menstrual cup, instead of tampons - so I wanted to show my Lunette to everyone. In my opinion menstrual cups are one of the best inventions. It doesn't harm your vagina, doesn't dry it out, doesn't stink - it just collects your blood. I took the pill most of my lifetime and then switched to an injection which I got every 3 months. I didn't have my period over 6 years. I always felt unhygienic having my period - omg blood. Better don't show it and don't tell anybody, especially not men, that you have your period. Getting more into feminism I've learnt having my period is one of the most natural things in the world, and that blood isn't dirty. I started researching and reading and felt for the first time positive about my period. It took a long time till I got back natural cycle, after all the hormones I took. But I was really happy the day I got it back and one of the first things I did was to start painting with my blood. I read about blood paintings before and wanted to try it immediately. This was also a reason why I choose to draw one for this beautiful project. Red nail polish is usually sexy and a lot of women love it. I was told by a friend that she never wears nail polish, besides when she's having her period, to cover the blood on her fingers, when changing her tampons. And if you run out of lipstick and you've got your period - no worries mate, just use your blood as lipstick and it suits your skin perfectly. Nail polish and lipstick perfect combination :) I also shot a lot of pictures in the park in front of the house. The only problem is, the park is in front of a church and a school. I've choosen Saturday as shooting date, so I won't offend some school kids. Maybe it was because of the first sunny day in a long time or because it was the day after the Doggies won the Grand Final (Go Doggies!) but heaps of people were walking past and I'm 100% sure some of them saw me shooting myself naked. But that's alright, I guess I won't see them again, at least I hope it. One guy even greeted me walking past, I'm still not sure if he was just nice or caught me taking pictures. The topic of this shoot was completely different, so I wanted to produce a different kind of emotion with it."
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Oct 23, 2016 Lotty_Osborn//"daytrippen"
"I have never taken nude photos of myself before. When I got the opportunity with ishotmyself I decided it was time to explore the taboo of nude photography. It was shocking how comfortable I was doing it and I found the experience overall a truly liberating one. It gave me a better understanding of my own body and allowed me to be less critical of it."
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Oct 23, 2016 Mayam//"back_burn"
"I went to this burned patch of forest that just started coming to life again. I love the contrast of blackened trees, young green fern shoots and my naked body between all of that. I feel like one of the ferns, I'm just starting to uncurl...."
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Oct 22, 2016 Dakota//"loft_views"
Some people have a wonderful knack for making everyday objects suddenly look incredibly sexy and Dakota is one of those gifted few that have this talent. For her return to our fair site she has taken it upon herself to educate us all on how to look amazing whilst relaxing near some incredibly un-special office supplies. Having said that though, I must admit that when Dakota is present, everything else just becomes something of a blur...
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Oct 22, 2016 Kelann//"home_time"
"This was one of the most fun things I have done. I had so many creative ideas, but unfortunately limited time to do it in. When I started I looked at it as taking a nude pic, but once I took a few and moved around it was all about the fun crazy ideas I could come up with, trying something out just to see how it would look. I ran around my house, backyard and even the front yard naked for a couple of hours giving everything a go. I will never look at my body as perfect, but I don't need to and the enjoyment I got out of taking part in this was worth more than a better body part could ever give. No matter what, express yourself."
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Oct 21, 2016 Flighty//"open_spaces"
"I shot this folio in the heart of winter watching out over the Hinterland valley - one of the world's prettiest places. At the start I was thinking about practicalities - don't get sunburnt, how do I look from this angle, smile! As the day passed I got more playful with shapes and shades, symmetry, triangles, curves, as resembled in the beautiful landscape and my beautiful body."
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Oct 20, 2016 Ivy_B//"chelsea_girl"
"I shot myself because I thought that seeing myself through the lens of a camera and seeing photographs of my body would allow me to recognise it for what it is. When I see my body in a mirror or in a reflection, I feel self-conscious and can't separate it from my own ingrained perceptions of it. But when I faced the camera towards myself and later viewed the images, even though I knew I took them, it was still as if I was seeing what my body looked like from someone else's gaze. It was like I was seeing it from a different perspective to my own, from the outside. I wanted to know what that would feel like. I thought that it would be humbling and it was :)"
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